Yellow Fever Nko? By Bibi Bakare-Yusuf

Reading List

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  • Yellow Fever by Fela Kuti, (n.d) Online Video <>
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  • Wasiu Ayinde – The Ultimate – Part 1 <>
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  • Alhaja Queen Salawa Abeni & Her Waka Funky Modernisers 1994, Waka Carnival , LP, Algbada ALAD
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  • Alhaja Queen Salawa Abeni & Her Waka Funky Modernisers 1991, Congratulations, LP, (Algbada ALAD 07
  • Bakare-Yusuf, B 2006  ‘Fabricating Identities: Survival and Imagination in Jamaican Dancehall Culture’, Fashion Theory, Vol 10, Issue 3
  • Bakare-Yusuf, B 2002, Globalisation: A Note on the Myths of Our Time – Presentation at the Centre for Research and Documentation, Kano
  • Bakare-Yusuf, B 2003, ‘Beyond Determinism: the Phenomenology of African Female Existence’, Feminist Africa, Issue 2
  • Bakare-Yusuf, B ‘Visceral Development: toward a Genealogy of Habit, Gender and Transformation – presented a Codesria’ 2005 Gender Symposium, Egypt

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