Travel writing on places of total power

Travel writing on places of total power: the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich, Dos Santos’ palace in Luanda, Chinese Embassy in Kinshasa, Dubai airport, the Googleplex (corporate headquarters of Google Inc) etc.

What is the relationship between power and place?

In this regular “travel section” we journey behind the walls, doors and gates of places of power, weaving narrative journalism with political commentary, mixing urban geography and cultural criticism, and combining the media’s trade of walking the beat and the philosopher’s task of drawing out the implications of the seemingly mundane. Investigating culture and control, security and society, conspiracy and corruption, and the alliances between state and corporate power, this travelogue captures—in both a textual and visual way—the energy and contradictions of power. All against a backdrop of the queasy alienation secreted by the security industry, it adds depth to the art of travel writing by recognizing the political and symbolic dimensions of space. A literal architecture of power, it explores how themes of power and its abuses are imbedded in spaces, places and structures.



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