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New Bush, Old Ghosts                                                                                               
By Louis Chude-Sokei

“To speak of 419 is to address the fragile and dubious architecture of foreign aid, debt and charity that undergirds the West’s continuing underdevelopment of the African continent.”

Cyber crime is a burgeoning business in West Africa, despite often primitive infrastructure, intermittent electricity supply and Western assumptions that Africans surely could not be capable of the third largest bank heist in history. Louis Chude-Sokei tells otherwise.

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The Constant Star Gazer                                                                              
By Akin Adesokan

“Why gaze at the stars when money lay buried in the ground, and gold, diamond, iron, tin, bauxite, bitumen, coal, coltan, oil, ore, uranium, the wealth of the post-imperial age…?”

During a lull in the political crisisin Nigeria, Akin Adesokan is lured through a series of false and bizarre leads to an encounter with a failed communist, the Stargazer, who gives the author a lecture on the nature of ‘power’ in the world.

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Black Star Democrat Eyes A Green Presidency                                          
By Sean Jacobs

“McKinney described the Iraq war as ‘illegal, immoral and undeclared’ as well as ‘shamefully unnecessary’”

Outspoken Cynthia McKinney has ditched the Democrats, declared her independence from the ‘political order’ of the day and is gunning to be the Green Party’s candidate for the White House. Sean Jacobs reports.

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News From Cofimvaba                                                                                             
By Heather Cousins

“Most importantly, we have proved that rural people are thirsty for information in their own language.” – Wandile Fana, Founder of Skawara News

From humble beginnings to legitimate and relevant popularity – Skawara News’ managing editor, Heather Cousins,on the local newspaper’s development.

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Burning Down the Status Quo                                                                                  
By Henri-Michel Yere

Henri-Michel Yéré gives a guided tour of some noteworthy examples of West African satirical press, many modeled on the classic French newspaper, Le Canard Enchaîné, yet distinct in their impertinence, their use of language and their often fearless challenge to the legitimacy of the state

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Black Like Us                                                                                                
By Tunde Giwa

Tunde Giwa recalls the comics of 1970s Nigeria with a nod to the revisionists, but with more than a little nostalgia for the cringe-worthy characters who filled the pages and the hearts of many a young reader.

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Catch u in da MXit                                                                                        
By Holden Caulfield

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Dispatches From Beirut
By Mazen Kerbaj

Comic Artist and musician Mazen Kerbaj keeps a visual diary of a week in Lebanon’s embattled capital.

Extra features: Listen to ‘Starry Night’, an improvised work recorded live by Kerbaj from the balcony of his flat in Beirut in 2006, while bombs destroyed parts of the city.

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What is The Future of Wikileaks                                                                  
By Achal Prabhala

“Will Julian Assange care about the obscure parts of the world he began his career with, or will he abandon them once he gets his hands on the kind of material that will excite the New York Times or the Guardian or Der Spiegel?”

The point of a wiki has always been collaboration, yet collaboration appears not to be the basis of WikiLeaks. Achal Prabhala argues that until the site lives up to the intent of its name, we shouldn’t care too much about its future.

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Where People are Knowledge
By Iolanda Pensa

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The Life and Death of Media                                                                        
By Bruce Sterling

“It’s truly pitiful how little is known or remembered about the quipu, a dead medium that was once the nervous system of a major civilization.”

There are thousands of people who are paid to invent and publicise new media. But there is no one whose job it is to describe media that don’t work anymore and have collapsed in humiliating, money-losing ways. Science fiction author and founder of the Dead Media Project, Bruce Sterling does the dirty work

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