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The Road to Wellville                                                                        
By Achal Prabhala

“The ideal South Indian Brahmin understands that the greatest glory is renunciation, that the best-lived life is a life hardly lived at all”

The Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences occupies some seventy acres of farmland on the outskirts of Bangalore. As it happens, it’s a hospital, albeit a curious one, where the rooms range from duplex cottages with forty-two-inch plasma televisions to dormitories for the poor, and where the resident doctors combine advanced training in Western medicine with complete disdain for it, writes Achal Prabhala.

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Out of Sight and Out of Might: In High Care                                              
By Mike Abrahams
Photograph by Rucera Seethal

“At this moment I wish I had read Sello Duiker’s Quiet Violence of Dreams; it might have prepared me for some of this. I tried reading it many times but it was always too painful”

Mike Abrahams recently spent seven weeks as an involuntary patient at Valkenberg Hospital, a state psychiatric facility in Cape Town. The following is his account of time under observation in a secure unit.

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Like Guinea Pigs We Feed on Hype and Hysteria                                       
By Paula Akugizibwe

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Fear about Whoonga might well be misplaced                                                         
By Nicole Turner

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No Mercy (or supportive rehab) For The Wicked                                       
By Paula Akugizibwe

“We must guard against anything that could legitimise these degenerative behaviours.”

Paula Akugizibwe sat in on the parliamentary hearings on substance abuse in Cape Town last week. She found the government’s policy and approach to be mired in a paternalistic, bigoted and punitive reading of the issues.

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Yellow Fever Nko?                                                                                        
By Bibi-Bakare Yusuf

“Unlike their educated, middle class counter-parts who may bleach and hide that fact or believe in discrete and fine make-up, these women draw attention to their madeupness, and the transfigurative power of hydroquinone on the skin.”

Skin bleaching is often described as a manifestation of ‘colo-mentality’. However, argues Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, mimesis here is both an affirmation and a contestation of power.

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This is a pigmentation of my imagination                                                     
By Joshua Muyiwa

“I am amused at what appears to be a full-fledged global movement to dim the lights on race… so much so that any declaration of any racial identity has become, in itself, a kind of racist act.”

Looking like a ‘Negro’ in India and searching for a connection has provided Joshua Muyiwa with a language that is understood neither by those closest to him, nor those with whom he shares the texture of his hair.


Who’s Healing Who?                                                                                    
By Aryan Kaganof

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Bold Faced and Butt Naked: Looking For Answers In the Realm of  Evil  
By Ryan Lobo     

“I watched people who had nothing apparently absolve a man who had taken everything from them.”

Photographer Ryan Lobo reflects on genocide after some face time with one of West Africa’s most notorious and self-confessed perpetrators. His attempts to understand the human condition and responses to such violence lead to more questions than resolutions.

Extra features: View images drawn from Lobo’s photo essay ‘General Butt Naked,’ as well as from his work shot in Afghanistan.

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A Doctor Of Principle and The People                                                                     
By Jon Soske

Jon Soske recalls the contribution of a less celebrated struggle hero, committed Pan Africanist, medical professional and founding member of the Azanian People’s Organisation, whose life-work and death are not outstanding in mainstream historical writing.

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