Chronic Life

The G. Spot Protagonists                                                                              
By Goddy Leye

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Skattie What are you Wearing                                                                                 
By Malibongwe Tyiolo

“Ugandan-born artist Bale Mukasa had an opening last weekend at Curart Gallery, his first on African soil nogal. The exhibition is titled “?”. Yes really, just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? His majestic works combining paint and the blood of dying relatives have gained quite a massive global following.”



Guilt Trips                                                                                                     
By Kai Friese      

“What unite these testimonials are the superbly elliptical reflections of the vanities of their authors, and the fantasies of their tourist audience.”

Kai Friese interrogates the colonial fantasy that lives on in the sententious philanthropy of ethical tourism.

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The Business of Voluntarism                                                                         
By Melani Boehi

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By Ingrid Masondo
photographer Simangele Kalisa

The photographer Simangele Kalisa tells Ingrid Masondo how her curiosity about women’s church attire led to a photographic essay that explores questions of mission, tradition, culture and status.

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Emissaries of an Iconic Religion                                                                   
By Adolphus Opara

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Soldiers of Zion                                                                                 
By Sello Alcock

“The militant exterior gave some sense of power to the oppressed Black person, because it gave the wearer a sense of duty, albeit spiritual, in the fight against apartheid”

Sello Alcock observes his father’s submission to a higher power and finds that the layers of meaning inherent in the aesthetic are as profound as the faith of those loyal to the corps.

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Elvis on the Move                                                                                          
By Milton Papamoscito
Photographs Androa Mindre Kolo
Translated by Dominique Malaquais

“…not only was the front part of the Basilica more crowded than it ever is at that time, all of the people present were black.”

An unfamiliar congregation – in ‘a riot of electric red and hot pinks – interrupted the routine at St Peter;s Basilica in Rome this week. Milton Papamoscito got a first-hand account from a Vatican guard, who witnessed the event and remains under observation at a local clinic. Androa Mindre Kolo took the photographs.

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Fish Soups as Love Potions                                                                           
By Yemisi Ogbe

“Better a knife is stuck in the gut and turned 360 degrees than a Nigerian man is given a raw oyster to suck on.”

Yemisi Ogbe lives in Calabar in Cross River State, where the scent of fish is all-pervasive and the aphrodisiac is as much in the cooking as in the eating.

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Eating well in Yeoville                                                                                               
By Yeoville Studio

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FuFu Pot                                                                                                        
By Rustum Kozain

“You South Africans. You think because you have apartheid and Mandela you know everything. But you know nothing. And you know nothing of Africa!”

In search of another interesting meal from the myriad on offer in Cape Town, Rustum Kozain gets a mouthful from fellow patrons about the unsavoury attitudes of South Africans.

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Language and Games                                                                                    
By Karen Press





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