Burnin’ And A-Lootin’

Burning Questions
Image by Bernie Searle

Extra features: View Searle’s Black smoke rising trilogy (2009-10), comprising the videos ‘Lull’, ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Gateway’ (from which the front page image is taken).


The Warm-Up
By Kwanele Sosibo
Photographs by Lehlohonolo Moeketsi

 “Do you know about what is happening in Rosslyn? I can tell you now that this thing is coming here. Now I can stop this thing, but you are going tohave to pay me to do it.”

The xenophobic violence sweeping many communities in the past weeks is not a sudden phenomena. Victims and an alleged instigator date the origins of this wave to March, in a township of Pretoria, writes Kwanele Sosibo.

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Sharpville: The death of Jacob Dlamini
By Jacob Dlamini

“Did the death of either enemies of the people like Jacob Dlamini, orfreedom fighters like Solomon Mahlangu have to be the means by which we achieved our freedom?”

Political analyst, Jacob Dlamini, argues that thedeath of another so namedin the hotbed of resistancethat was the Vaal Trianglein the mid-1980s, is a starkand sobering reminder that the failure of our collectiveimagination remains,nearly half a century on, the measure of ourfledgling democracy.

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When History is suspended
(In memory of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave)
By Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa, Maputo

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Alex killers are ‘proud’ of attacks on foreigners
By Gcina Ntsaluba, Johannesburg

“When I lie on your breast to rest, something tells me/You are bloody cruel. Alexandra, hell/What have you done to me?” – Wally Serote, Alexandra

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How The Attacks were Planned
Map by Maria Gabriela Carrilho Aragao

The xenophobic violence currently ravaging many of South Africa’s urban areas has generally been blamed on poverty. Architect Maria Gabriela Carrilho Aragão uses reports published in this edition and elsewhere to map some of the hidden motives, from political score settling to protection rackets, behind the attacks.

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Nairobi: Not yet uhuru
By Kalundi Serumaga

Ugandan journalist and activist, Kalundi Serumaga, reflects on his time as apolitical refugee in Kenya during the 1970s and 80s,and says the violence that followed last year’s elections had been long coming.

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Lagos : Where in the world will Ali Go?
By Akin Akintayo

“Dr Ali is hardly the kind of man needed in South Africa, where on-the-street relations between Nigerians and South Africans is not one of mutual admiration at the best of times.”

A former and rather notorious Nigerian minister of education is tipped for a post as ambassador to South Africa. Akin Akintayo suspects Ahmadu Ali, like most self-serving and past-sell-by-date politicians, would rather be dispatched to more esteemed office, but losers can’t be choosers.

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Dead Cow Spreads Fear and Rumour in Lagos Suburb
By Jide Adebayo Begun

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Editorial & Letters


The Scandal 
By Suren Pillay

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