Boundaries & Territorialities

European Union Fortifies its mission on North African Frontline               
By Helmut Dietrich

“Like Pakistan and Turkey, Libya could soon be a privileged partner of the West as a stronghold against Islamism and Africa’s failing states.”

Supported by Libya and Tunisia, the EU is ringing the Mediterranean with deportation camps, Helmut Dietrich reports.

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EU’s North African Frontline
By Philippe Rekacewicz

Acclaimed cartographer and journalist, Philippe Rekacewicz, maps the advanced borders, off-shore deportation camps and systems of surveillance that the EU is setting up across North Africa.

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Walls Make us strangers, not stronger
By Alexandra Novosseloff and Frank Neisse

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Secret Cities
By Goran Dahlberg

 “The external threat makes whatever the insiders have in common show itself clearly.”

 Göran Dahlberg writes that cities in and of themselves are becoming more separate and unequal in geography and civic values, resulting in states of exception becoming the rule.

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La Frontera
By Klas Lundstrom

 “The governments of the three states hold different views on the problem and on how to address it. In Colombia, not only paramilitary groups and the guerrillas are dealing in cocaine, but also the military is making large profits on the sale and trafficking of ‘white gold’.”

Klas Lundström finds himself in an isolated corner of the Amazon jungle – where three states collide and their citizens crash-land to a life in limbo

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Three Men, A Fence and A Dead Body
By Sean OToole
Illustration by Ebrahim Nazier & Vincent Plisson

 “Before they built the fence, the apartheid military employed a more primitive security barrier, a wall of sisal plants. Monkeys and elephants liked the taste of the organic barrier.”

 Sean OToole travels to the northern reaches of Limpopo where South Africa meets Zimbabwe. The border fence, once dubbed the snake of fire because of its lethal charge, is no longer live but remains a living monument that delineates ‘here from there’.

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Remapping Nairobi: Buru Buru
By Billy Kahora
Photographs by  Boniface Mwangi

“Buru Buru is the stuff of urban legend, not history. Our way of talking about it is through the register of ‘fiction’. It is always ‘narrative’ not social fact.”

 Billy Kahora reflects on the state of the ‘estate’ of his Nairobi childhood and finds its decay symptomatic of the malaise of a middle class that’s lost its mind.

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By Tom Odula

 “Class difference had a lot to do with looks and assumptions, not necessarily with wealth”

Tom Odula tells Billy Kahora about growing up in a Nairobi with forests, class consciousness, birthday parties and exclusion.

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Remapping Nairobi: Wangige 
By Charles Matathiar
Images courtesy of Kwani

 “There used to be a sign there welcoming you to the Kiambu County Council: Urutaguo Mwiruti. It is taught to those who teach themselves.”

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Letters to Hillbrow 
By Keleketla Library

As part of a walk-in research project inspired by the novels Welcome to My Hillbrow (Phaswane Mpe) and The Quiet Violence of Dreams (K Sello Duiker), as well as Moses Taiwa Molelekwa’s solo-album Darkness Pass, the Johannesburg-based  Keleketla! Library invited participating schoolchildren to write letters starting with the phrase “Dear Hillbrow”. The letter below is excerpted from this collection.

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The Boys are Doing it
By Olufemi Terry

 “The revolution came and it lost. P-Square is where the continent is: young, avid and brand conscious.”

Fela is dead and so is his anti-materialist political message. Modern Afropop is Brand Africa – all things young and aspirant. Enter P-Square and Nigeria looks set to reclaim poll position in African contemporary music. Olufemi Terry reports.

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