The Chronic Library exhibition in Joburg

Chimurenga Magazine launched The Chimurenga Chronic with a Chronic Library exhibition from 19-26 October 2011 and a live music event in Johannesburg last Friday.

The Forest and the Zoo”, a Blue Notes tribute concert took place last Friday, 21 October at the Drill Hall, Joubert Park, Johannesburg. Read “Out of the Blue“, Gwen Ansell‘s preview of the event that appeared in the Mail & Guardian.

The “Chronic Library” exhibition is still on show at Goethe-Institut Gallery (119 Jan Smuts Ave, Parktown, Entrance on New Port Road) until Wednesday 26 October, 2011.

The Chronic Library is an installation of posters, books, journals, music and films that trace the research and evolution of the Chimuenga Chronic. Presented as an interactive reading room, it provides background and context to the project by inviting visitors to create wide-ranging connections through diverse materials that both informed and respond to the newspaper. Journeying through time, the library features print materials alongside audio listening stations and screens for browsing the newspaper as well as online reading lists and resources.

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  1. CocoaB 28 October 2011 at 12:17 pm #

    Letter to Liepollo:

    So I was thinking of my review of the launch last Wednesday and my endless questions of: “So, is this it?”

    I am a consumer. Attending an event, I expect to be entertained. (Enter Maximus from Gladiator – “Are you not entertained?!”)) “So when are these black people going to start singing and dancing?” I might as well have asked.

    In answering your question on Friday night, I spoke mostly of the “Gallerinas and Garden Variety Art Tarts”. Having now read “Skattie What Are You Wearing”, I don’t feel so bad about my critical fascination of the crowd that night.

    The wall installations were a bit difficult for me to follow. I’m not very tall… (hee, hee). Not much of it stuck in my mind. It was a lot to take in. Good thing there is also the website, where after having read something interesting, I can follow the process in making it. Perhaps the wall drawings and writings were for the purpose of highlighting the website content? (I am simplifying again, apologies)

    I liked the table with the “Chronic Books” books. I have recently read Jose Eduardo Agualusa’s “The Book of Chameleons” and loved it. I was excited to see another one of his books on the table. This led me to take a closer look at the other publications on the table.

    Neo Muyanga was not the only reason I eventually bought the Chronic. That it was R50 helped. To be fair, paging through strategically placed sections of the Chronic piqued my interest. The dressing for God pictures were haunting. I read a paragraph of Imraan Coovadia’s “Diary of a Bad Year” and had a good chuckle.

    I buy newspapers on Sundays out of some guilty sense of obligation. Like if I don’t, that that might be the week where all the interesting stories are published. The Chronic’s mimicry of the Sunday newspapers made me laugh. It was this section and another section and another section and so on. I tried to make out which of the sections were the “sports pages”, “local news”, “international news” and “lifestyle sections”.

    Wow, recounting it all, it seems I got a lot out of the night. Even the part about “Black Wednesday” and media freedom – thanks to news piece I’d heard on the radio before arriving.

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