Street Poster Campaign

The release of the Chimurenga Chronic on 19 October, 2011 will be preceded by a 6 week long public art intervention in the form of a newspaper poster campaign in the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa; Lagos, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; Goteborg, Sweden, and here, in cyberspace.

Where traditional newspapers announce their content through ‘Newspaper headline posters’, the Chimurenga Chronic will pose questions as provocations.

The questions on the posters are drawn directly from the content of The Chronic newspaper. They are the questions which we posed to ourselves during their research; the questions posed to writers in commissioning the stories and the questions the writers themselves ask you, their readers in their responses.

The posters explore the city as newspaper. They tap into how word of mouth and conversations on the street generate news, extending the conversations of the project beyond the page and into public space.

The content of the posters has been generated by the Chimurenga team in collaboration with acclaimed Swedish poet Linn Hansen. They are designed by artist Rangoato Hlasane with Johannesburg, South Africa based Keleketla Collective and the Chimurenga design team.

Download the first poster, Why is North Korea celebrating the African renaissance?, in PDF here.

Download the second poster, Are diplomats immune from xenophobia? in PDF here.

See the posters on the streets of Jozi here.

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