Sex, Media & Politics in South Africa

The incestuous nature of South African media is no secret. Media ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few corporations. Four companies (Avusa Publishing, Naspers (Media24), Independent , and Caxton) own the bulk of print media and the SABC controls 41.6% of radio audiences and 69.3% and television audience.

But how deep does it go? How dirty does it get? Who is doing who to get what?

We map the terrain.

One Response to “Sex, Media & Politics in South Africa”
  1. peter 4 August 2012 at 8:06 pm #

    did media can change life of us,or the purpose is state liar that make the whole of innocent to suffer,bcos of crew intertaining liar and bitch in our nations,this is our land,our nation one day it would swear bcos black man,hes swear before of their eyez,white great shame bcos whose black man work for him under pressure of his darkness of his cause.remember where we from,and there nothing can grow down,coz i would suffer the truth and my people they always remember me even when i m gone,bcos of media and politic,and crew of intertainment,and boer make my nutz get no rest,horrow it can’t be part of my life daily.lord he word it would come and pass coz i m innocent as im.4rm peter mokoen 4rm fs.i m heard enough.

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