The Eastern Cape town carries a lot of fascination when it comes to music. The musicians that South Africa not only regards as true icons of the African aesthetic in musical presentation but as symbolic in the sociology of progressive are born in that small town in the eastern cape. From the town are musical icons like Miriam Makeba, Letta Mbuli, Margaret Singana or Mcingana (depending on your apartheid visions) Stompie Mavi and numerous others. Somehow the connection of artists to the solemnity of this Eastern Cape town is not a fact that is popular in the eyes of the press. An interesting aspect of the town is also various factors linked to either its history in the music histories of this country, but also excuse the pun, the madness of a mental establishment in the same vicinity. In other words is there a possibility that the Makeba genius we saw was a craziness that was supposed to be confined in the walls of the mental establishment there. Same can be asked about Margaret Mcingana. Many questions but one certainty: their musical essence is a certain undeniable in South Africa’s musical stylistic essence.

The idea is to question this essence in a style that walks away from the disdain of the small town but attempt the universal of its musical voice speaking louder than the geographies of the political histories of the unforgettable QUEENSTOWN\QUEENSDALE that for instance exhibits the geopolitics of apartheid history. The big point is music…

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