Out of sight and out of mind In High Care by Mike Abrahams

Reading List

  • Duiker, K S 2001, The quiet violence of dreams.  Kwela Books
  • Head, B 1974, A question of power. Heinemann
  • Smith, H M 2005, Factors leading to frequent readmission to Valkenberg Hospital for patients suffering from severe mental illnesses, University of the Western Cape
  • Hook, D, Kiguwa, P, Mkhize N & Collins A (Eds) 2004. Critical psychology. Juta and Company Ltd
  • Norman, D, Ratele, K, Duncan, N, Hook D, Mkhize, N, Kiguwa, P & Collins A (Eds) 2004, Self, community and psychology. Juta and Company Ltd
  • Pieterse, E 2010, Counter-currents: experiments in sustainability in the Cape Town region, Jacana Media
  • Nieftagodien, N, April, T & Legassick, M 2001, SADET Oral History Project, 19 June <http://www.sadet.co.za>

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