Letter from Accra: Sankõfa in Rhode Island by Manu Herbstein

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Letter from Accra: Sankõfa in Rhode Island

Sñ wo werñ fi na wosankõfa a, yenkyi.

“My younger son Kwamena was at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA from 1996 to 2000, when he graduated with degrees in Economics and Computer Science. He benefited from a financial aid package that was at that time made available to just one African student each year.

With my wife and elder son I visited Providence in 1996 to see Kwamena settled in. Looking through the faculty list I discovered a name that could only be Ghanaian: Professor Anani Dzidzienyo; and went in search of its owner. We spent a pleasant evening together in the course of which I charged him with the responsibility of acting in loco parentis with respect to Kwamena. More about Anani below.

Scraps of information connecting Brown with the slave trade intrigued me.”

Manu Herbstein traces the slave roots that link the Gold Coast to Brown University, Providence, Newport and the State of Rhode Island in his “letter from Accra”.

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