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Black Smoke Rising – a video trilogy by Bernie Searle

The front page image of The Chimurenga Chronic features stills from “Gateway,” a video-work by Bernie Searle.

Bernie Seale’s Gateway is part of her Black Smoke Rising trilogy (2009-2010) – a series shown consecutively as single-screen projections. Capturing ‘the air of discontent’ enveloping the poor in South Africa, these works challenges perceptions of reality, constructions of identity and the notion of home.


DIPALO – an audio cd supplement by Neo Muyanga in The Chronic

Composed, arranged and performed by Neo Muyanga, this audio cd supplement is part of the Chimurenga Chronicle, a speculative newspaper which is issue 16 of Chimurenga.


A Legacy of Note… Louis Moholo in conversation with Neo Muyanga

Self taught South African jazz drummer, Louis Moholo is a co-founder and the last living member of the revered Blue Notes and later the London based Brotherhood of Breath. He often featured in the Dedication Orchestra and is a member of the London Improvisers Orchestra. Here we hear him in conversation with Neo Muyanga in a Chimurenga Sessions recorded as part of the Chimurenga Library exhibition at the Cape Town Central Library in 2009.

For more on the Blue Notes and Neo Muyanga check the Arts Review of The Chronic.


Starry Night by Mazen Kerbaj

‘Dispatches From Beirut’ printed in the Media & Technology section of The Chronic presents comic artist and musician Mazen Kerbaj‘s visual diary of a week in Lebanon’s embattled capital.

Equally recognized for his music, as he is for his art, comics & painting, Kerbaj is an improviser, frequently combining free jazz, Middle Eastern sounds and noise to create complex yet beautiful, organic experimental works.

Listen to an excerpt from STARRY NIGHT, an improvised work recorded live by Kerbaj from the balcony of his flat in Beirut in 2006, while bombs destroyed parts of the city.


Ryan Lobo in the Realm of Evil

In ‘Bold Faced and Butt Naked: Looking For Answers In the Realm of Evil‘, printed in the How Body section of The Chimurenga Chronic, photographer Ryan Lobo reflects on genocide after some face time with one of West Africa’s most notorious and self-confessed perpetrators. His attempts to understand the human condition and responses to such violence lead to more questions than resolutions.

These images are drawn from his photo essay ‘General Butt Naked,’ as well as from his work shot in Afghanistan.

Lobo is a photographer, documentary filmmaker and writer currently based in Bangalore, India. Lobo has made films for National Geographic, Discovery channel and many other networks and his photographs and writing have appeared in numerous publications. He is also the co-founder of Mad Monitor Productions. www.ryanlobo.blogspot.com


Little Mogadishu: Somali Business in Bellville by Scott Williams

In ‘The Rise of a Somali Capital,’ printed in the Trade Routes section of The Chronic, Parselelo Kantai looks at the rise of Somali diaspora capital, and argues that ethnic capital mobilised at both an individual and communal level is still the most effective route to securing economic and political legitimacy.

In this online exclusive photographer Scott Williams documents the Somali Business in Bellville, Cape Town.

For more of Scott’s work visit: Nar8iv.tumblr.com


Small Town’s Big Business by Jackie Lebo

In ‘Setting The Pace is a Small Town’s Big Business,’ in the Sports Section, Jackie Lebo argues that the ‘mystique’ of the Kenyan long-distance runner is to be found not among the elite on the European or North American circuits, but among the journeymen whose starting line is a T-junction in a farming community in the northwest of the country.

Here she captures that ‘mystique’ on film.

Jackie Lebo is a journalist and writer based in Nairobi. She is currently at work on a book on the history Kenya’s long distance runners.

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