Emergency (Kenyan Web Comic)

Emergency Webcomic is a miniseries written and illustrated by Chief Nyamweya based on pre-independence Kenya as seen through the eyes of a World War II veteran, Dedan Kimathi, and his childhood friend Chege Karobia. Inspired by the need to present history in a form that is more accessible to everyday people, Emergency tells the story of the Mau Mau uprising.

Creator, Chief Nyamweya, who both wrote and illustrated Emergency Webcomic shares “As a young undergraduate, I was always unnerved by the inaccessible format in which knowledge was delivered. Important though it was, and however exciting I personally found it, history wasn’t and isn’t good conversation material at your local kinyozi. So I adopted this very unoriginal idea of drawing a webcomic that would bridge the gap between the intellectual and the 16 year old with pierced ears. That’s why I’m doing this. But all platitudes aside, I just want you to enjoy reading EW first and foremost!”

Take a look at the Emergency Webcomic promo trailer below.

Emergency Webcomic Promo Trailer from emergencywebcomic on Vimeo.

How Emergency #4 became a Webcomic

For more about Emergency Webcomic, visit the official website.

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