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A Master Of Bling With Feline Style

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Samuel Eto’o finished this year’s African Cup of Nations as top scorer and is currently holding the record for goals scored in the tournament’s history. In this article excerpted from The Chimurenga Chronic, Achille Mbembe looks at what makes him so lethal.   He is not yet 25 years old, but he is already one […]

African coaches

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Cairo, Egypt: A symposium on the technical aspects of the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana was held in Cairo in May to evaluate what happened. The objective of the star-filled workshop was to review the 26th Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana and also identify key challenges in the pursuit of developing African […]

Head-butting reality vs. the iconic Latino footballer by Marcela Mora y Araujo

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Article brief Futbol fiction Sports makes good fiction: there is anticipation and doubt, the excitement and nerves, the larger than life characters, the politics and power plays, the climax… The Zidane “head-butt incident” from the 2006 World Cup Final alone inspired works of fiction by Eduardo Galeano, Dany Laferrière, Jean-Phillipe Toussaint, as well as countess […]

Africa’s Futbol Map

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Much attention is given to the constant migration of African players to the West – the so-called “muscle drain”. Less focus is placed on African player who move to teams in other countries on the continent. From legendary Liberian George Weah, the only African to win the world’s best player award, who played professionally in […]

Politricks in the stadium by Melanie Boehi

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Article brief During international sports tournaments politicians visit stadiums not only for the love of the game. Opening ceremonies, deciding matches and final celebrations offer politicians opportunities to make themselves look good on the TV screens of their voters back home and they are unique opportunities for informal diplomatic meetings. Tournaments like the FIFA World […]

Nothing But by by Simon Kuper

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Article brief Sports & the balance of power In a BBC poll in 2006 most respondents voted that South Africa would never be ready to stage the 2010 World Cup. By 2008 doubts reached fever pitch, with skeptics proposing alternate venues like Australia, the USA, and Mexico. It is a familiar refrain echoed of all […]

The New Normal by Gabriella Håkansson

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Article Brief Sports & cybernetics January 14 2008 the IAAF decided that the South African runner Oscar Pistorius was not allowed to enter the Summer Olympics. But May 16 the same year the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that his prostheses was not to stop him from being a part of the contest in […]

Small Town’s Big Business by Jackie Lebo

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In ‘Setting The Pace is a Small Town’s Big Business,’ in the Sports Section, Jackie Lebo argues that the ‘mystique’ of the Kenyan long-distance runner is to be found not among the elite on the European or North American circuits, but among the journeymen whose starting line is a T-junction in a farming community in […]

Why do Jamaicans Run So Fast?

Posted 31 January 2011 | By | Categories: sport | 2 Comments

“Why do Jamaicans Run So Fast?” So asks Fernando Garcia-Guereta (Nando) in his documentary to honor Bolt and Jamaica’s athletes’ exploits. With a “little feeling” that something big was going to happen at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, the Spanish music producer-come-filmmaker began filming his tribute months before the Olympics. We tap into his […]

Setting the pace is a small town’s big business by Jackie Lebo

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Article Brief Kenyan long-distance running What separates Kenyan runners from their counterparts? We explore the myths and realities that fuel the success that Kenyan runners have had and continue to have in the world. Covering a wide (and long) distance of themes and material – from social realities, to political agendas, sports training to community […]

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