Cameroon publishing boom

The Cameroonian publishing industry has a long history. Founded in Yaoundé in 1963, Éditions CLE was the first first publisher in Francophone Africa. Together with NOOREMAC Press in Limbe they published greats such as Ferdinand Leopold Oyono, Francis Bebey and Mongo Beti.

Other, smaller Cameroonian imprints have included Philombe’s  Éditions Semences Africaines, which had a strong list focusing on poetry and drama, Buma Kor Publishing House, and Timothée Ndzaagap’s pop lit focused Éditions Le Flambeau.

More recently Cameroon’s publishing industry is being revamped with publishers like Buma Kor and Imprimerie Saint Paul but most especially by the Mankon-based publishing house called Langaa Publishers.

Created less than five years ago Langaa has churned out more than eighty titles that showcase innovative writing skills of Anglophone Cameroon writers leading to the opening of channels for intergenre literary communication and the creation of EduArt awards by Cameroon literary critics Joyce Ashutangtang and Dibussi Tande.

Blogging, promoted by Jimbi Media apart from being citizen journalism par excellence has now become an e-literature site with most Anglophone Cameroon creative writers transformed to bloggers.

Brief: an indepth look at Cameroonian publishing, its history and recent boom.

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