Black Nationalist Porn

“The cum shot is a foreign concept.” – Tau Morena (Lion King), creator of Sondeza

Launched in 2008, South African black amateur porn site Sondeza now has over a million hits and has spun off a full length feature film, Mapona Volume 1. While the site has attracted plenty of attention as South Africa’s first black online porn suppository, little has been written about its socio-political implications.

Who is the Sondeza community and how do their tastes and preferences reflect their cultural and social-political identities? How does Sondeza reinforce rather than challenge conservative black South African morality and values? How does “black porn” assert its difference from “white porn”? What is its business model and how does it relate to BEE and the emergence of the black middle class?

See: The Truth about Negroes and Vanilla Bean Milkshakes by Montle Giovanni Moorosi

and The money shot: Getting a rise out of the local porn industry by Matthew Krouse


Mapouka porn – Ivorian popular music not so hidden porn origins.

The rise and rise of van der Merwe – how this historical Afrikaans archetype is making a come back in via Sondeza.

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